How bride kidnapping
("ala kachuu") occurs in Kyrgyzstan: Facts and Details
Did you know that not every third man in Kyrgyzstan would react if his daughter or sister will take away?
Ways of marriage of persons above 15 years
One of the 17 girls in Kyrgyzstan was kidnapped without her consent
Which part of the men and women justify marriage of the stolen bride
Bride kidnapping without her consent mostly extended in Naryn district. Besides, 39 percent of locals justify such kind of method of marriage. In this area, each tenth considers it acceptable.
Men's and women's share their thoughts on why their acquaintance resort to "ala kachuu"
Men's consider that the main reason of "ala kachuu" is the boys do not decide to date with girls. At the same time, women's says that such things occurs in order to do not beloved one marry to other one.
Why for kidnapped girl is preferable to stay and agree to marriage
Both men's and women's considers, that kidnapped girl have to stay with new family in order to avoid public condemn.
How people reacts to forcibly taking a young woman without her consent
One in five people in Kyrgyzstan are against to force marriage without a consent girl
What would you do if your daughter/sister would kidnapped
Asel Minbaeva

Daniil Sulaimanov

UNFPA Kyrgyzstan